The remains of Textile businessman Nuryanto and female friend Ai Munawaroh from Bandung believed to be located in Malaysia

Bandung – The textile boss from Bandung Regency and his female friend are suspected of being victims of mutilation in Malaysia. Nuryanto and Ai Munawaroh went to Malaysia mid-January and lost contact with friends and family. At the end of January, the Malaysian public was shocked by the findings of two victims of river mutilation.

“Yes, based on information and information from the Malaysian police, (the body found) is suspected to be our client. Because of its characteristics in accordance with the clothes he wears,” Hermawan said, one of Hermawan’s lawyers via telephone on Saturday (9/2/2019).

The matter of finding the two bodies was crowded in a number of mass media in Malaysia on January 26. The police announced the findings of an unidentified body of men and women on the banks of Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia.

According to Hermawan, Nuryanto left for Malaysia on January 17 and was scheduled to return on January 23.

“On the 17th, the plan was to take money to Malaysia, because our clients sell their cloth business in Malaysia, so there they found the relationship,” he said.

Hermawan admitted that his family initially did not know that Nuryanto had left with his girlfriend, Ai Munawaroh. The family knows this from the airline. “That was his friend, because it was checked at Air Asia that the departure of Nuryanto was with Ai Munawaroh. But before that, we did not know he was leaving with Ai Munawaroh,” he said.

While in Malaysia, Nuryanto was known to have moved three times and there was always communication with his family. But on Monday, January 22, lost contact. Nuryanto could not be contacted.

“The 23rd is no longer used (airplane ticket). I confirm to Air Asia, January 25th. We lost contact. On January 22nd, the cellphone is not active, because checking in the last hotel 21-23 automatically. On the 23rd he must go home, “explained Hermawan.

According to Hermawan, the body of a suspected client was found a week after losing contact, on January 26.

After gathering a lot of information, finally one of Nuryanto’s attorneys departed on February 1, then Nuryanto’s sister went to Malaysia on February 4.

“They went to confirm whether the corpse was Nuryanto or not and carried out a DNA test on the victim with one of his younger siblings,” he concluded.

via Bos Tekstil Asal Bandung dan Teman Wanitanya Diduga Dimutilasi di Malaysia


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