Not Just a Holiday, Ahok Reveals Another Reason for Vacationing in Bali – Former DKI Jakarta Governor Basuki Thajaja Purnama (BTP) aka Ahok has just vacationed on the Island of the Gods of Bali . Not just eliminating fatigue and gathering with family, Ahok has another purpose in his vacation this time.

Through uploads on his Instagram account, @basukibtp, Ahok acknowledged his goal of vacationing in Bali to find a quiet place. In a place that gave him comfort and tranquility, he reviewed the book he wrote every day during his detention period at Mako Brimob Kelapa Dua, Depok for about a year.

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” Vacationing to Bali I was looking for a quiet place to be able to review the books I wrote every day about experiences and struggles during Mako Brimob ,” Ahok wrote through his Instagram account as quoted by , Sunday (10/2/2019).

Ahok vacation in Bali. (Instagram)
During his detention period, Ahok was always active in writing. The results of his writing were also recorded under the title ‘Ahok Policy’. This 300-page book is priced at Rp. 1 million.

Ahok seemed to enjoy his holiday in Bali so much. He can get the experience of returning to nature, listening to the sounds of crickets and frogs exchanging at night. Something he couldn’t get while sleeping behind prisoners’ bars.

” Finally, I got the right place for me in Bali, which is in the Ubud area. It feels like returning to nature. Sleep very well can hear the sound of crickets and frogs , “added Ahok.

Not only that, Ahok was able to try to ride a VW car that he liked so much. He still remembered when his childhood, VW mobilm often boarded by a sub-district head in his village first.

” Here I can also try VW cars and I didn’t miss this opportunity to immediately try a VW car. So remember that in the old days I saw little cars like this used by the sub-district head in my village , “Ahok said.

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