Immigration lockdown at Bali airport after IT struggles

A reported IT glitch at the immigration department has sent Bali’s international airport into chaos, with commuters saying they have been stranded for hours on end while the situation is resolved.

Nine News said that hundreds of Australians, and possibly up to 2000 people in total, had been caught in long delays, with some waiting for up to five hours.

Reports from Indonesian news publications say the airport’s traffic has increased nearly 5 per cent since this time last year. With almost 24 million passengers last year, it is the second busiest airport in Indonesia after Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta.

One passenger interviewed by Nine said she had spent as much time waiting at the airport as she had travelling to Bali from Perth.

A spokeswoman from Qantas said their flight arrivals had not been affected by the delays.

A Virgin Australia spokeswoman said there were “no dramas” with their most recent flights, and they did not expect any issues with their next flights into Bali, which were expected to land at midnight (AEST).

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Computer apparently said Tidak  -Ed


Turtle meat smuggling discovered at Padangbai Harbor in Bali


Bali authorities made seizure of 8 boxes of turtle meat destined for Denpasar in Bali . Government agents made the discovery at Padangbai Port on Saturday 6/4/2019 at around 4pm. The shipment was came from East Nusa Tenggara.  The operation was carried out by a joint operation task force between the BKSDA and the Bali Police.

The driver of the truck in question claimed to be carrying grouper.

“After checking the fish with quarantine officer, it was found that there were 8 boxes (280 kg) of undisclosed items packed in Styrofoam suspected of being turtle,

Once the meat was identified, and confirmed to be turtle the driver was arrested.

According to a statement by the perpetrator, the goods were loaded from the port of Sape, Bima on Wednesday (3/4) at around 22.00 Wita and carried by a fishing vessel with the destination port being Mataram.  As many as 60 boxes, 31 of which were meant for a final destination of Denpasar. The driver claimed that he didn’t know that turtle meat was in some of the boxes.

Fish Quarantine Officer handed over the case to the Padangbai Sea Area Polytechnic for further investigation.

Poaching devastates wild turtle populations because the reptiles are slow to mature to reproductive age and many Asian consumers love the taste of turtle meat.. It also symbolizes longevity in some Asian cultures.

Source via Penyelundupan 8 Boks Daging Penyu dari NTT ke Bali Digagalkan

In the Philippines

Former Bali deputy governor Ketut Sudikerta arrested at Ngurah Rai Airport Gate 3 – Tribun Bali + COCO

After being named as a suspect in cases of fraud, embezzlement and or money laundering worth almost IDR150 billion (US$10.5 million) last December, the former deputy governor of Bali, Ketut Sudikerta, was arrested by Bali Police at Bali Airport Gate 3 Thursday 4/4/2019…

Photo Live link

Sudikerta, was about to fly to Jakarta, and had reportedly been uncooperative with the police investigation, failing to show up for police examinations on three separate occasions, according to Nusa Bali.

When he didn’t turn up for questioning on Thursday, police deemed it necessary to detain the former Golkar party chairman to speed up the investigation process.

Besides Sudikerta, there are three others implicated in the case.

Sudikerta’s case goes back to 2013 when he engaged Alim Markus, the owner of the Indonesian food production giant Maspion Group, towards buying two plots of land in South Bali with fake land certificates. Markus deposited IDR150 billion to PT Pecatu Gemilang, a bank account opened by Sudikerta’s wife, Ida Ayu Ketut Sri Sumiantini, before realizing the certificates were fake and reporting Sudikerta to the police.

In the decree signed by the Director of the Bali Regional Police Ditreskrimsus, all three individuals were charged under article 378 of the Criminal Code in conjunction with article 55 of the Criminal Code and article 5 of Law No. 8 of 2010 concerning fraud and money laundering (TPPU).  If found guilty, the former deputy governor could face up to 20 years in prison.

According to the tribune when arrested at the Airport…

He just seemed to smile and wave. Sudikerta has claimed that he’d previously filed a request to delay his interview with the police, Allegedly he wanted to travel to Jakarta to settle personal affairs with his attorney and has denied allegations that he is trying to escapee prosecution.

“I did not intend to flee abroad, why run away? I actually want responsibility,”

quoted by the Bali Post

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Title Photo by Matthew Smith on Unsplash

Bali to Introduce Gamma Irradiation Systems to give a needed Boost to its Agricultural Economy

DENPASAR – To extend the shelf life of agricultural products, the Provincial Government of Bali plans to build a post-harvest handling facility for agricultural products with gamma irradiation systems.

Governor of Bali Wayan Koster said he did not want to waste time to realize the plan, because it was an effort to solve downstream agricultural problems.

“This development plan (gamma irradiation facilities) is an empowerment of agricultural products and the resolution of downstream agricultural problems,” said Governor Koster.

He conveyed this to the auditors with a team from the National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) in his office on Tuesday (2/4/2019) morning.

According to Governor Koster, the construction of post-harvest handling facilities from agricultural products with gamma irradiation is one of the absolute manifestations of the enactment of Governor Regulation No. 99 concerning the Utilization and Marketing of Agricultural, Fisheries and Local Industry Products in Bali.

This governmental regulation, he said, has the main goal to empower and improve the welfare of farmers in Bali.

“So (with the gamma irradiation system) the product can last longer, fruits and vegetables are durable and durable, and free of bacteria,” said the Governor from Sembiran Village, Tejakula District, Buleleng.

To implement this gamma irrigation system, the Provincial Government of Bali is estimated to need funding of around Rp. 160 billion.

In an audience accompanied by the Head of the Agriculture and Food Crops Office, Ida Bagus Wisnuardana, Governor Koster stated that he would immediately find the best solution, including by seeking budget allocations from the center.

Previously in discussions with the community of Buleleng, Governor Koster said that his party was currently only thinking of a financing scheme, because the land that would be used as the location for the construction of gamma irradiation in Buleleng was available to be used for the proposed project.

The land belongs to the Bali provincial government with an area of ​​22 hectares in the area of ​​Patas Village, Gerokgak District, Buleleng.

“The land for the construction of Gamma Irradiation is ready, just use it. “Land needs are extensive, because there must be warehousing, packing space, and sorting, before entering into the gamma irradiation processing machine,” said Koster

On the same occasion, a nuclear energy researcher from BATAN , Prof. Yohannes Sardjono revealed the advantages of applying gamma irradiation to agricultural and livestock products that are able to extend the shelf life of the product.

“Exposure to gamma rays will help minimize bacteria and other causes of decay so that the shelf life can be longer. However, the process does not damage the nutritional content of food ingredients and remains safe and hygienic for consumption, “said Prof. Sardjono.

He added, with a long shelf life, agricultural products can automatically be marketed and distributed more freely because it minimizes the risk of decay.

“So it will greatly reduce the risk of products being wasted, farmers can also get an economic impact because the products can be marketed longer,” he added.

Sardjono also said that gamma ray irradiation facilities have been widely applied in other countries, especially those that have agricultural commodities.

“For example, Japan has dozens of gamma irradiation facilities for handling agricultural products, as well as China and Australia. The hope is that with the construction of this facility Bali can lead to food sovereignty, handling agriculture from upstream to downstream and providing quality products for both the local market and foreign tourists, “concluded Prof. Sardjono. (*)


American Citizen detained at Ngurah Rai International Airport for carrying 31 Rounds of live ammunition in Suitcase

Last Sunday night at Ngurah Rai International Airportour Avsec security personnel found a passenger carrying dangerous goods in the form of 31 bullets and 2 magazines in the suitcase,” said the General Manager of PT. Angkasa Pura I (Persero) I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport Branch Office – Bali, Haruman Sulaksono, Monday (1/4/2019) night.

The incident began when a prospective passenger on an international route, which was later known to be Garuda Indonesia flight GA-870, was entering the International Departure Terminal.

While inserting the suitcase into the number 3 x-ray scanner machine in the east wing pre-screening area, officers found there was an oddity in the passenger suitcase in question.

On the scanner machine’s monitor screen, a suspicious item appeared in the form of a gun magazine.

Seeing this, the officer immediately carried out a manual inspection of the black suitcase, which after opening, found dangerous goods in the form of 31 active bullets and 2 magazines.

Aviation Security personnel then took the prospective passenger to the security post on the 3rd floor of the International Terminal for initial information about the existence of bullets and magazine in the suitcase.


The man was handed over to the airport police station for further investigation.


Algerian man steals tourist’s camera and money at Kuta hostel Bali| Seminyak Times

The rate of the crime involving foreigners keeps rising in Bali. This time, an Algerian man, MK, 36, was arrested after stealing a Chilean tourist’s belongings at The Kubu Hostel on Jalan Poppies 1, Gang Sorga, Legian, on Tuesday, March 19, 2019, at around 5.30pm.

According to the Head of Kuta Polsek, Commissioner T. Ricki Fadlianshah, the suspect stayed on Jalan Pura Demak, Pemecutan, West Denpasar, and came to the hostel with only one intention.

selective focus photography of dslr camera parts
Photo by Alex Andrews on

“The suspect admitted to police that he went to the hostel to steal belongings from hostel guests,” he said to on Monday.

When the man arrived at the hostel, no one was suspicious because he was a foreigner and the employees thought that he was just another guests. “The room rate is cheap and the hostel is intended to be an easy place to stay for tourists. Usually there are 4-5 guests in a room,” the police chief added.

The suspect allegedly entered a room and stole two Canon cameras and their lenses and cash worth Rp3,100,000, which belonged to Vicente Cubillos, a Chilean tourist who was staying in the room.

“The tourist was outside, sightseeing with his friend when the incident occurred.

He reported that he lost Rp70 million from the incident,” said Ricki. The police went to the hostel after they received the report from the man.

They investigated the case and questioned several witnesses. They also saw the CCTV footage, which showed the suspect leaving the hostel with the guest’s belongings. While police were searching around the hostel when the suspect appeared again and they immediately detained the man.

“When questioned, he admitted that he had hidden the stolen items in bushes on Jalan Pura Demak, West Denpasar,” Ricki explained to

The suspect has been detained for further questioning.

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Best not to trust anyone these days. Specially foreigners with funny eastern European sounding names. Ed

Title Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash


Australian sentenced to four months in prison for stealing Gucci bag – National – The Jakarta Post

The Denpasar District Court has sentenced an Australian national to four months in prison for stealing a Gucci bag in the tourism hub of Kuta, Bali.

The panel of judges found Bilal Kalache, 43, guilty of stealing the bag from a showcase at the Duty Free shop in the Bali Galeria mall.

“During the trial session, the judges did not find anything to relieve him from the charges,” said presiding judge Kony Hartanto.

He said the defendant had violated Article 362 of the Criminal Code on theft.

The sentence was lighter than five months of imprisonment demanded by prosecutors.

The judges said the defendant’s act had caused restlessness.

However, they also considered some mitigating factors, such as the defendant’s honesty in admitting to his crime and his expression of remorse. They also noted that “the defendant also has no criminal record”.

Kalache was arrested at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport on Jan. 10, several hours after stealing the bag. He was arrested while taking his son to the airport for a Sydney-bound flight.

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Three landmarks in Denpasar have been fitted with QR codes, 20 more to be rolled out in 2019

To make it easier for tourists to know the history of a site location visited in Denpasar, the Denpasar City Tourism Service is installing  QR Codes at prominent sites across Denpasar city. .

This is so that people who visit without guides can research for themselves the origin or history and information about the sites visited.

Currently there are three sites equipped with QR Code, namely at Inna Bali Hotel, Jalan Veteran Denpasar, Badung Market and Patung Catur Muka.


barcode cellphone close up coded
Photo by Pixabay on

The head of the Denpasar City Tourism Office , Dezire Mulyani said to the tribune Bali that the project started in December 2018.

How to use it is to simply scan the QR Code that is on each site or destination using any QR Code application.

“When you want to find out about the visited destination, just scan the bar using a cellphone,” Dezire said according to Tribune Bali on Sunday (03/24/2019) afternoon.

For when visiting the  Inna Hotel, the QR code is placed to the right of the entrance to the lobby.

QRCodes at the Catur Muka Statue have not been installed even though they are finished. This is because his party is still confused about appropriate placement and branding

While at Badung Market, the QR Code is installed at five points.

“In essence, later by scanning the QR Code  the visitors at Badung Market can find out everything they need to know at a glimpse, including its history,” he explained.

In 2019 there are 20 sites locations in Denpasar that will be equipped with a QR Code functionality.

In the near future all the main sites will be equipped with a QR Code, namely the Bali Museum, Maospahit Temple, Puri Jero Kuta, and the Fingerprint Painting Museum.

Currently in Denpasar there are around 75 sites earmarked to feature the QR Code system. 

No indication in the article if the system will feature multi language support for international travelers.

This information was discovered at the Bali Tribune under,

The grammar and structure of the original article was pretty terrible.  I have re written it to make sense for English readers. -EdTBNW

Whats Happening with all the public parks in Bali | Bali Tribune

TRIBUN-BALI.COM, DENPASAR – In Bali at this time many parks have been created, starting from the smallest scope such as at home, the road to the road to the city parks.

City parks for example, their existence is considered very important for the community.

Besides functioning as a green open space, the park is also used for recreational facilities for city residents.

It’s just that the maintenance of this park is still considered very lacking because the government only disbursed development funds and did not guarantee maintenance funds.

“Only at the outset was the maintenance built not supported by funds from the government,” said I Gusti Ayu Agung Rai Asmiwyati, Chair of the Bali Regional Landscape Architecture Association (PD IALI).

Asmi said when met by Tribun Bali on the sidelines of the How To Maintain Your Garden Workshop at the Experimental Garden of the Faculty of Agriculture, Udayana University, Sunday (03/24/2019).

For him, the lack of maintenance of this park will have an impact on many things, one of which is the appearance of the park to be less than optimal.

In addition, it can also endanger the safety of the park users themselves because there is no regular pruning.

Asmi also reflected on the many incidents of fallen trees that often occur especially in the rainy season.

Several incidents of this fallen tree have taken the lives of the people.

“Eventually, people lost their lives, who lost (and) who was responsible. Now those things that we want to improve little by little through workshop activities ,” he explained.

Through this workshop , park keepers are expected to have the same operational standards.

Later each landscape architect will also be encouraged to be certified to guarantee work in terms of quality.

In the process, the IALI Bali organization will also protect landscape architecture workers who take certification.

With this certification landscape architecture staff can use it to take jobs both at home and abroad.

“By attending workshops, they also get certificates and they can use them for certification,” said Asmi. (*)

via Parks in Bali, Asmiwyati: Only Initially Built, After That Maintenance Is Not Supported – Tribun Bali

Public parks and spaces are something we just take for granted in developed countries. But in Bali the paid for tourist attractions really dominate in terms of visibility and accessibility. -EdTBNW

Some Free Park Ideas Below with links… You’re welcome.

Lapangan Puputan Badung

Google Maps Link

City park featuring a jogging track & fitness areas along with a large field for recreation.

AddressDauh Puri Kangin, West Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali 80232


Open 24 hours

Lumintang Park Denpasar

“At night you can see dancing water fountain with indonesian music.”
“Verry good location for social interaction in denpasar city”

AddressDauh Puri Kaja, North Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali 80233


Open 24 hours

Peace Gong Parks Kertalangu

“They devide the area to 3 kind of fishCatfishGiant catfish and Bawal fish.”
“Wide parking space, good place for a cup of coffee or attending events.”
“Here is suitable for carry out activities likes familygathering for company.”

Google Maps Link

AddressBy Pass Ngurah Rai Street No.88X, Kesiman Kertalangu, East Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali 80237


Open 24 hours

Denpasar creates foreigner monitoring team | Seminyak Times

With an increase in foreigners involved in criminal cases recently, the Denpasar government has set up a foreigner monitoring team, which will be coordinated by the regional National and Political Unity Board (Kesbangpol).

The Head of Kesbangpol, IGN Gde Arisudana, said when he led a foreigner monitoring team meeting at Denpasar Kesbangpol Office on Thursday that the department needs to record and monitor foreigners staying in the Denpasar area because there were many criminal case which involved foreigners in recent times. The team will consists of immigration and police officers, soldiers, and Local Working Unit (OPD) officers. He hoped that the joint team can carry out firm action if the foreigners violated the rules.

Arisudana referred to the Regulation of Home Affairs Ministry no 49 of 2010 about foreigners and foreigner organizations monitoring procedures in regard to the team, which allows a scope of monitoring foreign diplomats/ VIP guests, foreign experts/ academics/ consultants, foreign reporters and film team, foreign researchers, foreign artists, foreign lecturers, and foreigner organizations. “We will coordinate with police and immigration to carry out any law enforcement if there are any rule violations,” he said.

Meanwhile, Edy Roman from the Denpasar Immigration Office said that Immigration has been routinely monitoring foreigners in their respective areas. In the last three months, there were 40 cases that involved foreigners in five districts and one municipality, which led to 12 deportations. Edy hoped that the Kesbangpol team can help and support Immigration to monitor the foreigners.

via Denpasar creates foreigner monitoring team | Seminyak Times

Given the circumstances, I’m all for this. Guys, you are welcome to come for a tea or coffee, we can go for chat with the head of the Banjar, interview my wife and kids. whatever you need..Need to get this problem with organized crime sorted out for the good of Bali -EdTBNW

Bali punk rock icon Jerinx chides trashy tourist behavior in Kuta, suggests filtering system | Coconuts Bali

Jerinx, the tattoo-covered drummer-cum-activist from Bali punk rock band Superman is Dead, publicly criticized the anti-social behavior of Kuta tourists via his personal Instagram account, tagging Governor Wayan Koster in the controversial post.

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Ayo tag @gubernur.bali @giri.prasta agar mereka jengah dan turun langsung ke lapangan! Fakta: Turis-turis bermental white supremacy macam ini membuat Kuta makin tahun makin sepi. Turis-turis berkualitas cenderung memilih menghindari Kuta akibat perilaku para white trash ini. Tahun 2013, bersama para ketua pemuda dari 11 banjar di Kuta, saya coba cari solusi atas isu ini; menemui beberapa pejabat hingga menemui Gubernur saat itu @mademangkupastika – yg ternyata hanya memanfaatkan kami/saya utk kepentingan kampanye nya; diundang ke Simakrama, dipaksa foto bareng, tanpa ijin foto tsb diexpose media seolah saya pro Mangku, tapi TAK SATU PUN permintaan kami sebagai warga Kuta dipenuhi. Jika @gubernur.bali @giri.prasta benar sayang Bali, ayo lekas susun sistem filterisasi turis yg masuk Bali. Mayoritas warga Bali pasti support 100% Perlu diketahui juga, banyak dari turis white supremacist ini membuka bisnis di Bali dengan taktik marketing yg rasis. Contoh paling simpel: membuka puluhan studio tato dgn penanda/stiker bertuliskan OWNED BY AUSSIE, sementara seluruh staff nya lokal. Buat apa coba kalau bukan utk merendahkan studio tato milik lokal? Saya sudah 3 tahun tidak bermain di bisnis tato, jadi contoh di atas tidak ada unsur kompetisinya. Murni karena saya sejak lama sudah MUAK dengan perilaku para PENJAJAH berkedok turis ini. Ini Bali. Ini tanah air kita, di sini kita bukan turis. Tapi lama-lama kok orang Bali seperti dipaksa merasa terasing di rumahnya sendiri. Repost @tele.bali Kebiasan buruk bule-bule di Bali yg merasa dirinya superior. Padahal biasanya model seperti ini di negara mereka, levelnya poor class. Sejak bebas visa, Bali makin dibanjiri turis2 reject dan berkelakuan norak Selamat pagi teletabis. Kalo liat turis kayak gini lagi jangan ditolerir ya. Ingetin dia kalo kelakuannya itu katrok. Bila perlu, setset butuhne. Paham sat?! #TeleBali #SatTLBL #tele.bali

A post shared by JRX (@jrxsid) on

The photo, which was reposted by Jerinx from @telebali two days ago, shows a caucasian man blocking the road and holding up traffic, presumably in some kind of drunken stunt. In his lengthy caption, the drummer said that it’s this kind of delinquent behavior that’s putting ‘quality’ tourists off his neighborhood, Kuta.

“Fact: This kind of white supremacy mentality of tourists makes Kuta increasingly quiet. Quality tourists tend to avoid Kuta due to the behavior of the white trash,” reads part of the caption.

I’m not so sure its a white supremacy thing, however it reeks of drunken dipshit idiot tourist thing. This is exactly why I avoid the area after dark like plague. -EdTBNW

It’s true that Kuta has a bit of a reputation for attracting rowdy tourists and Australian high school graduates on “schoolies,” and it’s no wonder with the affordable accommodation options and late-night bars selling cheap booze. Coconuts Bali has reported on a number of incidents involving loutish foreigners, including a street-side smackdown between two shirtless muscle men, and an allegedly ‘shroomed-up woman wandering zombie-like into the Kuta traffic.

According to Jerinx, the problem started in recent years after the government allowed tourists from a number of countries, including Australia, to enter Indonesia without having to pay for a visa.

“Since it’s been visa-free, Bali has been flooded with rejects and tacky behavior,” he wrote. “If you see tourists like this, don’t tolerate this. Remind him if his behavior is causing a mess,” he writes.

Its sometimes best not to argue with drunken idiots after dark. Its how fights generally get started in the wee hours…. generally. -EdTBNW

Foreign business owners in Bali also come under fire, with the impassioned rocker accusing them of racist marketing tactics.

“Please also note, many of these white supremacist tourists open businesses in Bali with racist marketing tactics. The simplest example: opening dozens of tattoo studios with a marker/sticker that says “OWNED BY AUSSIE,” while all staff are local. Why try if it’s not to demean a locally owned tattoo studio?” he writes.

Yep agree shut them down if foreign owned. But at the same time, that could also be clever marketing by locals  EdTBNW

Jerinx appealed to Governor Wayan Koster and Giri Prasta, the Regent of Badung, to do something to improve the situation.

“If@gubernur.bali @giri.prasta really loves Bali, let’s quickly arrange a filtering system for tourists entering Bali.”

Exactly what kind of filtering system he meant, or how it would be implemented, was not explained in the post.  -COCO 

Perhaps exclude people with home addresses by postcode…. Frankston, Altona, Redfern, Taree, Darwin, Hastings and anyone called Shazza or Wayne etc etc -edTBNW

Jerinx is part of Kuta-based punk rock icons Superman is Dead, an award-winning three-man band that has taken their music on tours to Australia and the US as well as throughout Indonesia.

He’s known as a controversial figure, and is one of Bali’s most openly opinionated musicians. Together with his bandmates, he has campaigned tirelessly against the Benoa Bay reclamation project, appealing personally to President Jokowi, and rallying fans for the cause.

So embarrassing seeing the meltdowns, public vomiting, hooliganism and the regular poleaxed vampires out in force in Kuta… But the reason I don’t see anything being done is that, its a massive gigantic cashcow for Indonesia and its foreign exchange reserves.  -EdTBNW

Head on over to coco and give them some love via Bali punk rock icon Jerinx chides trashy tourist behavior in Kuta, suggests filtering system | Coconuts Bali

Jokowi: Don’t Let One Person in Bali abstain | Detik

Denpasar – In the inauguration of the Badung People’s Market, Bali, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) touched on the 2019 Presidential Election . He asked not to have one Balinese abstain in the 2019 Presidential Election.

“I entrusted, 26 of these days will be the presidential election and legislative elections. I want all of us to invite all of us in droves, all brothers, friends and relatives, to come to the polling station to express their voting rights, “Jokowi said in the inauguration of the Badung People’s Market, Denpasar City, Bali, on Friday (3/22/2019).

 “Do not let even one person in this province of Bali abstain. Because this determines the direction in the future,” Jokowi said, applauding residents.

“Agree?” Jokowi asked.

“Agree!” said the residents. 

Not only about voting, Jokowi also reminded about the rampant slander and false news or hoaxes in the community. Jokowi invites Balinese to fight and straighten out false news

“I entrusted, even though this is not there in Bali. Now it starts a lot in social media, from house to house, slanderous news, hoaxes start to spread issues that can divide us. Don’t be afraid, must be straightened out, must be friends, must be told, must be dare to say the truth is true, the wrong is wrong, “said Jokowi. 

This is because, said Jokowi, the slander issue regarding government policies led by him has spread everywhere. One of them is the slander that says he will remove religious lessons from the curriculum.

“That issue below. Later (slander-red) similar (Gay) marriage will be legalized. This is to discredit the existing presidential and vice presidential partners. This must be stopped. There are ulama issues, this issue must be stopped. This nation is a nation full of manners, ethics, good manners and good manners. Don’t let us break apart just because of the choice of the governor, regent, mayor, criminalization legislative election and presidential election, we don’t admonish each other, “explained Jokowi.
(jor / dhn)

via Jokowi: Don’t Let One Person in Bali Golput

Tires from Garuda GA 7840 failed at Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport – Tribune Bali

TRIBUN-BALI.COM, DENPASAR – Tyre’s on Garuda GA 7840 flight broke while trying to leave from Bali’s Gusti Ngurah Rai airport on Friday (03/22/2019).

air air travel airbus aircraft
Photo by Pixabay on

The plane had 44 passengers on board including the Communications  Legal Head of Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport, Arie Ahsanurrohim, when confirmed via a short message confirming the incident.

Arie said, initially the aircraft would fly from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali to Wakatobi, North Sulawesi.

“The flight route is Denpasar- Wakatobi, take off then Return to Base at 9.59 hours,” said Arie. The incident resulted in the flight being canceled.

Photographs of the condition of the plane’s broken tires were immediately viral on social media.

The aircraft is now in the process of being repaired at the airport.

“The incident is still being investigated in Bali as that’s where the repairs are also taking place. It is still parked on the runway,” says Arie. (*)


via Garuda Aircraft Tires from Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport Towards Wakatobi Broke, This Is What Happened – Tribune of Bali

CCTV Records Reveal Villa Thief in Kuta, This Man Takes 1200 US Dollars of Russian Tourist – Tribun Bali

TRIBUN-BALI.COM, BADUNG – South Kuta District Police succeeded in uncovering a theft case carried out by a perpetrator named Haryono (24) from Klaten, Central Java.

Perpetrators claimed to have taken a wallet containing 10 pieces of 100 US dollars while working.

Friday (3/22/2019) South Kuta police chief, AKP Doddy Monza explained on Monday (3/18/2019) when the perpetrators did their work as a cleaning service , the perpetrator entered the victim’s room named Shapkina Maria (23) from Russia with the intention of cleaning the room was empty at that time.

When the offender replaced the sheets, the perpetrator saw the wallet on a shelf containing 10 pieces of money in 100 US dollars .

After that, the perpetrator took another two hundred-dollar bill at the dressing table. With a total of 1,200 US dollars taken .

“After receiving the report, our members then headed to the Villa crime scene in Goa Gong. Ungasan Villa Uma D’kampoeng, Banjar Santi Karya Ungasan, South Kuta, Badung,” he said

Original via

BMKG Gives Warning for Potential High Waves Up to 6 Meters in Bali Strait – Tribun Bali

TRIBUN-BALI.COM – High waves are still likely to occur in several territorial waters of Indonesia.

In fact, the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) gave a warning that waves could reach a height of 6 meters.

BMKG Public Relations Section Head Taufan Maulana conveyed, this high-wave opportunity is valid until Sunday (03/24/2019).

“Waves up to 6 meters (dangerous) are likely to occur in the Indian Ocean south of Bali to East Nusa Tenggara (NTT),” Taufan told on Thursday (3/21/2019).

Ferry service Lombok

Taufan explained, high waves were caused by the presence of the Veronica tropical Cyclone (976 hPa) in the southern Indian Ocean of West Nusa Tenggara and Trevor Tropical Cyclone (991 hPa) in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

In addition, wind speed also contributes to high waves .

View of the Indian Ocean from Uluwatu

The highest wind speed was observed in the waters south of East Java to Sumba, waters south of Kupang-Rote Island, Sawu Sea, South Timor Sea NTT, South Indian Ocean East Java to NTT, Java Sea, southern Banda Sea, Letti Islands waters to Tanimbar, Sea Arafuru, the eastern Sulawesi Sea, and the Sangihe-Talaud Islands waters.

“This condition has resulted in an increase in wave height around the area,” Taufan said.

Waves with a height of 1.25 meters – 2.5 meters (alert) are likely to occur in the following regions:

1. The waters north of Sabang

2. Sabang-Banda Aceh waters

3. West Aceh waters

4. The waters west of the Simeulue Islands to Mentawai

5. Enggano-Bengkulu waters

6. Lampung’s western waters

7. West Indian Ocean of Aceh to Bengkulu

8. The southern part of the Sape-Lamakera-Alor Strait

9. Ombai Strait

10. Java Sea

12. Southern Banda Sea

13. Letti Islands waters to Tanimbar

14. Waters of Kei-Aru Islands

15. Arafuru Sea west to center

16. Amamapere waters

17. Waters west of Yos Sudarso

18. Sulawesi Sea

19. East waters of Bitung

20. The waters south of North Sulawesi

21. Waters of the Sangihe Islands-Talaud Islands

22. Maluku Sea

23. Waters of the Halmahera Islands

24. Sea of ​​Halmahera

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